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Structured Investment

A Structured Investment Package for Growth Focused UK Businesses


Our Structured Investment Package

Fortunis Capital Invests in UK Businesses that have either a proven record or innovative concept.  We provide early and next stage Investment with full monitoring and mentoring to ensure success for not only our Invested Businesses, but also for our Investors.


What type of UK Business are we looking for?

Fortunis Capital looks to Invest in UK Businesses that:

  • Have proof of concept, or an innovative concept.
  • Have a current or future requirement to export.
  • Provide benefit to their local economy by working with UK suppliers and employing local people. 
  • Have scalability and a clear understanding of their ambitions, including exit.

Our process generally takes three months from initial meeting to deploying funds, and the Due Diligence is very extensive.  Potential businesses should prepare their Plans thoroughly and be prepared for the workload prior to contacting us.


 For our Investors.

We offer a low fixed rate of 3.5% Annual return which is fully underwritten, with the provision for an upside on realised Investments of up to a further 15%.  Risk in Investments is managed by Fortunis Capital.


Simply fill in the form below and press send and we will get back to you shortly regarding your enquiry.