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Growth Finance

Deploying Funds for Growth Finance

Fortunis Capital has developed a highly specialised product in the Purchase Finance Industry.  Our Investors Funds are used on a transactional basis only, generating accumulative margins. 

We underpin all transactions with a layered system of defence against the risk of potential bad debt.  This layered approach starts with the credit checking of the business and its Directors, Credit Insurance is Mandatory for all transactions, and we take charges and further security where possible.  We are also applying to become an accredited lender under the British Business Banks EFG Delivery Partner programme.  


Looking for Growth Finance?


To qualify for Fortunis Capital Growth Finance as a business you will need to:

  • Have a UK limited company.
  • Have a clear business plan that explains your ambitions.
  • Operate business that provides clear benefits to the local economy.
  • Have a genuine ambition to grow your business using local resources.
  • Be able to afford repayments.


We are currently seeking UK Businesses that either export or want to start exporting.  




Simply fill in the form below and press send and we will get back to you shortly regarding your enquiry.