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Fortunis Capital Stuctured Investment Process

Structured Investment for Growth Focused UK Businesses.

 The Fortunis Capital Structured Investment Process

Our Structured Investment Package provides more than just the capital that fuels your growth, it also provides an effective management system to ensure the success of the venture.

We understand that it takes more than invested capital for early stage and next stage businesses to succeed.  As such, we provide a full suite of management tools and monitoring to ensure that identified targets are achieved on the Investment journey.  The basic stages of a Fortunis Capital Structured Investment are:

Stage 1

Initial Enquiry and Eligibility Check

At this stage we take the details needed to ensure your application can be processed without any obvious issues. It’s important to give full disclosure of information at this stage.

Stage 2

Full KYC and Due Diligence.

We have a rigorous process for all aspects of our KYC, from founder concept to source of funds.  We run searches on all members and related members of any investment and our compliance team will want to make sure that we operate in an FCA Fully Compliant manner, and our Business Assessment team will want to make sure you are capable of achieving your targets.

Stage 3

Investment Road Map

At this stage our team will work with you to understand what is needed to achieve the end ambition (where we exit), and what are the stages along the way we need to achieve.   It is important to be completely open during this process as our monitoring team will not allow any significant diversion once agreed. 

Stage 4

Approval and Legals.

On approval of your application, we will issue contracts and legals documents that will govern the Investment period.

Investment & Welcome

Once stage 4 is completed we will provide the Investment to the appropriate vehicle, and welcome you to Fortunis Capital.  The hard work can now begin. 

This is the Fortunis Capital Structured Investment Programme.