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Investor Information

Committed to providing the highest level of service to our Investors.

How we Operate

Fortunis Capital has an established Framework that is compliant within FCA Regulation and defines our day to day methods of operations and decision making. All aspects of this framework are monitored by third party compliance officers who report back to the FCA. The strictest controls are in place for the management of our Investors Funds.

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Investor Relations

Our Investors can expect the highest range of services, and these include but are not limited to:

  • A dedicated Investor Relations Manager who will be on call to answer questions, attend meetings and be your point of contact throughout the term of your investment.
  • Business Opportunites.
  • Insight into Investable UK Businesses.
  • Access to Market.

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Structured Investment

Fortunis Capital provides a highly Structured Investment package to qualifying UK Businesses.  After approval of concept we work with businesses to map out their medium term growth targets, and what is needed to succeed.  We then provide full mentoring to allow our businesses the highest chance of achieving their ambitions. 

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Growth Finance

Fortunis Capital adopts a risk neutralised approach to Growth Finance.

We deploy funds to credit insured UK SME's that require funding to achieve growth targets.  Our Funds are deployed by way of Purhcase Finance, Project Finance & Asset Finance.  

Our target market are introduced to us by our broker network and we have several delivery vehicles for the deployment of funds.  Once deployed we closely monitor our clients to mitigate risk, and ensure successful return of funds and subsequenet return.  Most of our clients return to us for repeat funding which allows us to build a network of businesses that have potential for future investment. 

We are currently seeking to deploy funds for UK Businesses looking to get invovled in Exports. 


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Fortunis Capital Stuctured Investment Process

Fortunis Capital provides a highly structured investment package for qualifying UK Businesses, ready to grow.

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