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Our Management Board




Team Profiles and Roles.

Our Team is made up of Individuals who have real passion and expertise in generating sustainable returns. Each highly experienced member of our team brings a specialist skill set, and are highly motivated. Across our Team we have hundreds of years’ experience in one board room.


Justin MacRae

Chief Operations Officer.

Justin has extensive experience in the development and implementation of Operational Strategies and ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of new income stream products. He has led on the development of these products for small, medium and Multi National sized companies across the MENA & Asia regions, being solely responsible for the capitalisation of new ventures and the integration of key members into the operations. Having in-depth and hands on experience working with both SME’s and Corporates he has developed an intuitive understanding of the associated risks.

His overarching strength is in International Trade & Finance, but also has current ongoing experience in UK based Manufacturing and Finance Industries.

He has real time experience in helping businesses achieve their Growth Ambitions and is resourceful in this approach. Coming from a Military background he has worked in key roles around the Globe. Justin also represents the Business and Financial interests of his Family Office as Co Investors. He is responsible for overseeing the day to day Operations of Fortunis Capital, reporting to the Board and the flow and subsequent management of Inwards Investment.

Bob Frost 

Advisory Officer

Bob has spent his entire career in International Businesses, managing operations in nearly every country in Western Europe, USA, India, China and South Africa. His experience comes from working in companies across various sectors, including - Manufacturing, Logistics and supply chain Management, Project Engineering, Construction, Leisure and Finance.

He has been a Board Member of Small, Medium, Corporate Multi Nationals and AIM Listed Companies. On three occasions he has represented minority shareholders on the boards of their investee companies. He is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the IFT, the UK’s only body to qualify Change Managers for their roles.

For the last 10 years Bob has also the been Chairman of Arca Group, a Professional Services firm providing Transformation Management services to clients in the £25m to £250m turnover range. He acts as Chairman, non-executive director or chief restructuring officer at client companies, working with management teams to overcome periods of significant change and returning their businesses to stability afterwards and as such his experience is welcome in our Growth Funding Solutions for UK Businesses.

Bob has worked with scores of companies, leading change programmes such as business restructuring, costs saving programmes, acquisitions and disposals, debt and equity raising and working capital management. He is looking forward to working on the development of Fortunis Capital and to adding to its risk management processes and advising on its ongoing projects.

Zhu Bo

Investment Director 

Bo Zhu started his career as an Editor for the Jiang Su TV Station after graduating from Southeast University in Nanjing, China. He holds an MA with Distinction from the University of Bedfordshire.

Bo joined the Business Development Team of Union Colours in 2003, with the ambition of establishing the UK Division of the CZNA Group, which he successfully achieved and now leads as the Director. He is currently the Financial Director of UK BU, Managing Director of South Africa BU, and Director of India BU.

Bo Zhu has in depth experience and knowledge of establishing new Corporate Level Businesses in the International Trade Industry, operating across continents and co-ordinating operations. He has worked in diverse industries, ranging from Chemical Manufacturing to Media.

He brings a wealth of Corporate knowledge and his expertise in International Trade, as well as lending his support to our Chinese Inwards Investment Team. Bo also advises on our Foreign National Employment Policy and is a UK and Chinese Dual National living in the UK.

Michael Holmes

Investment Director

Michael Holmes started his career as an Engineer that developed a revolutionary product that changed the Food Industry.

He has an intimate understanding of the processes that SME's transition through in their growth phases and also the related challenges.

Through over 40 years of developing UK business Michael has the real, hands on experience that makes him such a great asset in terms of the mentoring that he provides to our invested businesses. 

He is a pioneer and champion of British Business in that he has operated very successfully UK based Manufacturing plants, and has a particular focus on Construction.

Michael has real experience in Exports, and has successfully managed businesses that export to a wide range of countries.

He advises on scalability and mentoring our Invested companies Management Teams.